Apple Crisp Goodness

Recently, I gave up all sugar except whole fruits.  I am a foodie so this meant I needed some recipes that are healthy but still super yummy and satisfying. This is my favorite breakfast so far!

Apple Crisp Goodness:

4 oz cooked oats (1 oz dry)

6 oz cubed and cooked apples with cinnamon

2 oz plain greek yougurt

1 oz almond butter

0.5 oz chopped nuts


Simmer apples in 2/3 cup water covered with sprinkled cinnamon until soft (usually about 15-20 minutes). Watch closely to make sure there’s enough water so the apples don’t burn. Cook oats. Layer in a bowl with cooked oats then apple chunks. Warm and mix greek yogurt and almond butter in pan. (I use the same pan as the apples.) Finally, top with nuts of choice!

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